Bento # 48 – The Mummy Bento

Bento # 48 – Mummy Bento

Today Bento was very simple and easy.

Remember the pesto fettuccine that I posted earlier? Well… this is same recipe in different form.

All I had to do was add 2 round cheese on top of Nori and then add another smaller round Nori  on top of the cheese , place another slice of Nori for the mouth and tada… Mummy Bento.

The Bento side dish were  Indonesian traditional snack called “risoles”  which is another form of spring roll with different type of skin  (the one with chilli padi) and “pastel”  which is puff filled with veggie, carrot, boiled egg.

Not sure whether this mummy Bento looks scary enough, nevertheless they taste good.

Summary of what’s in the box :

  • A portion of creamy pesto fettuccine
  • cheese and Nori for the eyes and mouth
  • 1 risoles
  • 1 pastel



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