Bento # 47 – Three little girls Bento

Bento # 47 – Three little girls Bento

Today Bento is made of rice cake and it was a very traditional Indonesian dish call lontong sayur Medan , a popular dish from my hometown (lontong = rice cake, sayur = vegetable, Medan = is the name of 3rd largest city in Indonesia, my hometown).

I did not cook the dish, bought from nearby  food court , I only  beautify them and add facial expression and turn them into Bento.

Believe it or not, this dish is considered as breakfast dish, and you can easily found some food vendor at the wet market sell this .

The way you eat lontong sayur is by putting  everything together into one bowl, the rice cake , the toppings (normally is chilli peanut with anchovy, fermented soycake, crackers, etc) and the lastly the veggie cooked with coconut milk .

For those who love meat, some additional meat/seafood dish such as beef rendang, chicken curry or chilli fish/prawn is available with additional cost.

What’s in the box :

  • 5 pieces rice cake( I only decorate 3 pieces and stack the other 2 pieces at the bottom)
  • Nori + Kani stick + tomato sauce -> for the facial expression and the girls’ scarf.
  • Chilli peanut + deep fried potato stick + chilli fermented soycake (tempe)
  • A portion of veggie cooked with coconut milk

Happy eating…


4 thoughts on “Bento # 47 – Three little girls Bento

  1. Hi Rabbit 🙂
    Your blog gave me tons of idea of converting indonesian food to bento style. It’s absolutely wonderful for my son’s lunches. So far it’s been a hassle to try to stick to korean bento all the time since that means weekly trip to MGH. Now, I can make this with whatever ingredients I have in my fridge. Thanks a lot!!

    • Hi Ruby, glad to know that my blog can be helpful to you. Yes, much i love shopping at MGH for korean bento stash, sometimes i just too lazy to get out to beat the infamous jakarta traffic jam, so maximizing any ingredients is the best.

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