Bento # 45 – Mr & Mrs Pig Bento (version2)

Bento # 45 – Mr & Mrs Pig (version2)

This is my second Pig theme Bento (My very first Mr & Mrs Pig Bento, the bento #5 was created in Jan)

I try to put more character into the pigs to differentiate them with Bento #5  and it resulted to Mr. Pig look a bit fierce . Well… Mr Pig might have a fierce look but indeed he is a very good fellow and very protective toward Mrs. Pig, he always treat her like a queen 🙂

The only down side of this Bento is the missing blush on Mrs. Pig left cheek. I was in hurry this morning and take photo in rush  and did not realized something missing until I was about to eat the Bento at noon.

First I though the cheek was fell down due to journey to office and I should already taken the perfect picture, so no big deal. Only after I transfer the photo from my camera at later time, I realize that it was really missing right after I place them into the bento box.

Sigh…..Sorry Mrs. Pig… your make up was ruined and no luck for any touch up.

What’s in the box :

  • 2 diabetic rolls
  • Nori for eyes
  • Smoked beef for the ears and nose
  • Pasta to stick the smoked beef to the faces
  • Decorative pick for Mrs. Pig’s tiara
  • Icing flowers




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