Bento # 44 : Mr & Mrs Dog Bento

Bento #44 – Mr & Mrs Dog

Today Bento is a very healthy one, those two white rolls were diabetic bread rolls.

When I saw them at the bakery , I immediately know  how I want to turn them into cute Bento so I bought them without second thought (though the waitress suspect me of being not a diabetic person, keep telling me that those bread were for diabetic purposes and were made without sugar ).

Nevertheless one can always enhance the plain and no sugar stuff into something cute and sweet, just look at those cute Mr & Mrs Dog.  Aren’t they a cute and perfect couple ready for red carpet?

What’s in the box

  • 2 diabetic bread rolls
  • Nori for the ears, eyes, nose, mouth  and also Mr. Dog’s  black tie
  • Black sesame for Mrs. Dog’s eyelashes
  • A little condensed milk to stick all those Nori to the faces
  • Few apple gummies and marshmallows

One thought on “Bento # 44 : Mr & Mrs Dog Bento

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