Pasta # 05 : Creamy Pesto & Sausage Fettucine

Creamy Pesto and sausage fettuccine

Went for Sunday brunch with fellow girl friends and one of us order the pesto pasta, however the waiter came back and inform that pesto sauce was not available yet, took time to blend the basil and they can’t make it yet since kitchen was very busy and we were ask  to order other pasta instead.

Personally I think it was not too good for them for not putting an effort to try to meet customer demand, especially it was a rather hi-end and reputable restaurant manged by a company which own many hi-end restaurant and clubs.

Well…since can’t have pesto pasta for lunch, then I decided to cook something pesto related for dinner  and of course as usual  I used the bottled pesto sauce and whatever ingredients that I stock in the fridge which resulted to Creamy pesto and sausage fettuccine.

Ingredients :

  • 2 table spoon bottle pesto sauce
  • 3-4 table spoon cooking cream
  • a portion of fettuccine – boil with salted water until al dente
  • 3 cocktail sausage
  • olive oil

Steps :

  1. Mix pesto sauce with cooking cream and set aside.
  2. Cut sausages into slices and toss them with olive oil on cooking pan over hi heat.
  3. Add the cooked fettuccine into pan and  add the mixed pesto and cream, stir until all fettuccine coated with sauce.
  4. Add pepper to taste.

I know many of you grow your own herbal or green garden at home and basil is one among so many,  just wonder whether you make your own pesto sauce? How long does it take you to make it?

In many cooking channel show, it seems to be quite easy for professional chef to make own pesto sauce so I just wonder why the restaurant chef did not able to prepare it in short time.

Anyway this is just out of curiosity… since I never made any then I dare not comment that the resto chef was not pro/skilled enough, but really… I am very curious because if it is me (though I am not a chef) yet I think I will put the extra effort instead of turning down request. How about you?






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