Bento # 39 : Sport Day (Walkathon) Bento

Many of my friends join Walk-A-Thon (Walkathon)  yesterday and me myself  of course  did not join and just  lazying at home . Not that they were not try to pull out me to join … nice try friends , appreciated …  but I just  lack of motivation to walk up early on Sunday morning and I hate to sweat myself under the sun.

To me… the only place worth to spend under the sun is  beach… out of that, don’t count me in.

However upon seeing many of friends posted photos of the Walkathon event on their picture profile , I decided to contribute by creating a Bento with the sport theme.

Today I present you “Sport day aka Walkathon Bento”.

Bento # 39 : Sport Day (Walkathon) bento

What’s in the box :

  • 2 steam rice balls – decorated with Kani stick to make their headband and cheeks, sesame seeds for the eye brows, Nori for eyes and smiley.
  • 2 steam Shu Mai
  • 1 piece of yesterday butter and Worcestershire sauce chicken
  • 1/4 of hard boiled egg and 1 piece of steam carrot
  • Few yellow cherry tomatoes, black grapes and tangerine – for the vitamin boost

Happy Monday




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