Bento # 36 – Cars on the Road Bento

Bento # 36 - Cars on the road Bento

I watch The Car cartoon on the HBO last weekend and it inspired me to create something with the theme, nothing fancy such as adapting the Car’s character, I happen to remember one of the Bento book that I read which have  a simple Car design made of Hamburger.

So hamburger it is for today menu.   The recipe had been posted before, if you are interested just browse around the old post.

What’s in the box

  • Steam rice -> Under the hamburgers
  • 1 slice cheedar cheese -> for the windows,  use cookie cutter to cut into circle and then into 4 sides
  • 1 sausage -> for the wheel
  • A bunch of curly fries
  • 1 pcs string bean, remove the seed and cut the upper part to shape a road/grass
  • Lettuces

Happy Monday…


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