Bento # 33 – Japanese Ogre Bento

This is a late post of yesterday Bento.

Created and eaten on Mar 5, 2012.

Received a pack of brown rice from mum, she had been encouraging me to eat more brown rice. Said that brown rice is more nutritious, contain more fiber , more healthy and good for diet. Well the last word “diet” kind of made me obidiently accept the rice package and cook them yesterday.

Initially I did not plan to make any Bento but upon seing the cooked rice’s color, I thought that it would be a waste not to maximize the unique brownish/reddish color into something. Hence come this Japanese Ogre Bento.

Bento # 33 - Japanese Ogre Bento

Bento # 33 - Japanese Ogre Bento

What’s in the box

  • Steamed brown rice -> for Ogre face
  • Spinach Fettucine -> toss with Pesto sauce for the hair
  • Yellow cherry tomatoes -> Ogre’s nose and horns
  • Cheese -> for the eyes and fangs
  • Nori
  • Deep fried  sweet potatoes sticks -> seasoned with plum sauce
  • Lettuces

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