Bento # 31 – Twin bunnies and onigiri bento

Bento # 31 - Twin Bunny and Onigiri Bento

This is a very very late post of a Bento that I created many weeks ago, thought that I had lost the photos and  it turn out  being misplaced in other  file folder.  If you notice you will see that it was a double set Bento, the bunny set and the Onigiri (though both have the same side dish)  well the other set was created for a friend, Ms. Ladyrein.

I had been searching for Denbu for week, and finally managed to buy them after browsing to many supermarket. Denbu is a sort of fish furikake, it is pink faked fish condiment which taste a little sweet and salty.

I use it as natural coloring for the pink bunny, recommendation from a fellow Bento friend (I dare not mix them in all rice and leave 1 white bunny and 2 onigiris  because I am not sure on the taste).  And it turn out okay, the taste quite good, not as fishy as I thought.

What’s in the

  • Steam rice for white bunny and Onigiri
  • Steam rice mixed with Denbu for pink bunny
  • 2 pcs Fried Chicken Katsu
  • Pork belly in ginger sauce
  • Carrots, String bean, Nori

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