Bento # 30 – Twin rooster Bento

Another late post , this Twin Rooster Bento was created and eaten on Friday, Feb 24, 2012.

Bento # 30 -Twin Rooster Bento

What’s in the box :

  • 2 steam rice balls for the rooster’s body
  • 1 cocktail sausage -> for the combs
  • 1 slice cheedar cheese -> for the beaks
  • 1 slice  cheese -> for the wings
  • 2 Chinese style crab claw fritters (aka cingkong kepiting in Bahasa Indonesia) -> from nearby restaurant
  • Steamed lotus root and carrots
  • Lettuces and cucumber and fresh parsley

A good key learning with the internet connection issue was I got  time to observed the Bento picture after transferring them to the computer. Normally I will just add the RCC badge and then upload and post them.This time I took sometime to relook and realized some improvement still needed on the details, on the tidiness in the cutting and assembling the parts. I am not too happy with the fact that my rooster’s comb was slightly crooked and not attached firmly at the center of the head.

So next time I will be more careful and re examined things even before the picture taking.


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