Bento # 20 : Cute Seal Bento

Bento # 20 - Cute Seal Bento

After a while I decided to invest in a real  tamagoyaki pan aka rectangular pan (all this time I’ve been using the round non sticking pan) so I bought a nice green pan last weekend and start practicing to make good egg sheet and tamagoyaki.

And the result as shown in the picture above, notice my flower from egg sheet ? Not perfect but looks good and I just love it.

What’s in the box

  • 2 steam rice balls & Nori for the seal’s eyes, mouth and whiskers
  • Few steamed edamame -> stick into spagehetti
  • 1 egg -> for the egg flower
  • 3 pcs fried middle wings
  • Few lotus root chips -> which I made on Wednesday
  • Cheery tomatoes
  • Grapes and carrots

Notes : You may notice that I have the same carrot flowers in my last few days Bento, that was because I made a bunch of carrot flowers and then froze then for later use. It is more practical than always have to stock fresh carrots , in my earlier Bento making days, I always stock fresh carrots but then I don’t use them fast enough and they get spoiled and wasted. Frozen baby carrots can last longer but since they have limitation due to its size so I copy the frozen method with regular carrots, it is very practical,  time and cost saving too.


3 thoughts on “Bento # 20 : Cute Seal Bento

  1. Your seal twins are soo cute!

    The egg flower looks great too, congratulations.
    After making the egg sheet how did you make it into a flower?

    Great tip for the fresh carrots, do you par boil them before you freeze them?


    • Hi Pepper,
      once you got the rectangular egg sheet, fold them into 2 and then slice/cut the folded area (upper part) at about 0.5cm width (the length is approximate 1/2 of your folded egg sheet)
      For this flower version I use the diagonal cut, then roll the flower sheet and pin them with bento pick or spaghetti. If you cut/slice them in straight line and roll them you will get a different version of flower (referring to the ham flower in my Bento #16 : Garden Bento).

      And yes, I par boil the carrots before freezes them.


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