Lotus Root Chips

Lotus root chips

For  Cantonese people  soup is a must  have in the dining table.  Drinking soup is considered as dietetic therapy and I remember my mum (she is a Cantonese) will cook different kinds of soup depending on our family’s member physique.  A winter melon soup  or bitter gout soup as something cool in nature to cure sore throat or cough or the symtptoms of what mum will call as heaty. Then chicken and ginseng herbal soup to improve stamina when we are down with fever or flu, and many more.

One of our favorite is the lotus root with pork ribs and cuttlefish.  Been eating lotus root as long as I can remember, sometimes mum will cook it to make sweet lotus root dessert or simple vegetable stir fry.

But then today posting is not about any of those,  this is about transforming the lotus root as simple and easy to make snacks.

What you need  are :

  • 1 Medium Lotus Root, slice thinly
  • Vegetable Oil for frying


Notes : The lotus root taste good as what they are without having to add any seasoning, however if you like you can add a dash of plum powder to get the sweet and sour flavor or add any seasoning powder to your liking. I made two batches of the chips, one with original flavor and one with plum powder and both taste very good.


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