Bento # 19 : Veggie Bento version2

Bento # 19 - Veggie Bento2

Seems that this week is  a light meal week , dominated by Veggie menu.

Honestly I am not sure if deep fried stuff with cheese is considered as vegetarian dish as it contain cheese and egg.  However since I am always the carnivore type anything without meat considered as vegetarian food to me.

Have to admit that since I start pick up Bento-ing my eating habit had  improved and I eat more vegetable than before. At first all those veggie were just meant for decoration and to add more colors and fill in the space in the box, but then since they were there then may as well I eat them. Mum told me not to waste my food 🙂

What’s in the box :

  • Steam rice
  • Carrot for the flowers
  • Some Vegetable  salad with mayonnaise
  • Few mini tomatoes
  • Few pieces of  Deep Fried Parmesan Eggplant , posted earlier.

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