Crispy Apem Balik (aka Crispy Peanut Pancake/ Martabak garing)

Late post of this yummy snack that I made last Thursday.

I was very happy when I found this Crispy Apem Balik recipe from Mykitchen blospsot (in which she also got the recipe from other blogger Lily).

Though it called in different name in Malaysia, it is very similar with what we have in Indonesia, called as Martabak (in Bahasa Indonesia).

Peanut pancake sold in 2 version, the thick pancake  or the crispy  version, the filling inside the pancake varies from the standard roasted peanut, roasted sesame, chocolate , sugar or chocolate cheese or  cheese only or special mix of all those mentioned ingredients. My favourite is the chocolate cheese version be it in thick or crispy.

I remember fondly when I was young I use to have this for my breakfast on the weekend where I will go to the market with my mum and then she will buy this Ban Jin uih (that’s what we call it in Hokkien) and  I will nag her to buy some of the crispy version for me. In my hometown those crispy pancake was sold in small individual size like those the one I made, however in Jakarta , crispy pancake is sold in big size of the whole big pan (range from 20-25cm in diameter)

Anyway, I am glad that now I found the recipe I can make this at home, below please find the copy paste of the recipe or click on the link above to go to origin source.

170 gm all purpose flour
100 gm rice flour
30 gm cornstarch
2 tsp double action baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla essence
6 – 7 ozs water
150 gm fine granulated sugar

120 g melted butter
150 gm fine granulated sugar
1 cup chopped roasted peanuts


  1. Mix all the ingredients together, strain and leave in the fridge for at least 3 hours. (i left it overnight)
  2. Heat a crepe pan or a small nonstick pan slightly. (just hot enough for batter to stick to pan)
  3. Pour in a 4 oz ladle of batter and swirl pan so that batter is coating the edge. Remove the excess batter and sprinkle in some sugar on the pancake.
  4. Cook till the bottom of pancake is golden brown.
  5. Sprinkle with melted butter and then chopped roasted peanuts.
  6. Fold the pancake into a half and leave to cool.(it will be crispy as soon as it gets cold)

Note: Above recipe and method are copied and pasted from Lily’s blog.

I twist the filling ingredients to my liking, chocolate and cheese instead of  roasted peanut and still sprinkle some sugar though it can’t be seen from the picture.



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