Bento #18 : Totoro Bento

Bento # 18 - Totoro Sandwiches Bento

This is a late post of yesterday Bento, Totoro sandwiches Bento.

Totoro is my favorite  character from among many others Gibli studio production.

I made this based on  ‘s how to, she is the expert in Totoro.

What’s in the box

  • 4 slices wheat bread with peanut butter filling, keep the side crust for Totoro ears, eyes, whiskers, and tummy decoration
  • 1 slice white bread
  • few quail eggs for Mini Tototo
  • Cheese, Nori and sesame seed for Mini Totoro eyes
  • Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, black grapes , cucumbers

I took the Bento photo with my Totoro tissue box which I got as a present from Mrs. MN, she is also a big fan of Totoro and we used to discuss and talk alot about the cuteness of Totoro.

Kawai Desu ne?


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