Bento # 17 : Veggie Bento

Hello All,   After  CNY feast in the past few days, which was dominated by meaty dishes, its time to go back to diet and eat more fiber.

Today Bento is the most easiest ever made, I think this is my first formal Bento (not sure how to call it, I meant most of the time I always make Charaben/character/animal shape Bento) so this is the first time I actually let the rice as what they are without making effort to shape them.

Still I am quite happy because I am using my new Bento box, The Cherry Blossom and Usagi/Rabbit Bento box which is very suitable with the current CNY festive mood.

Bento # 17 – Veggie Bento

What’s in the box

  • Steam white rice.
  • 1 big round vegetable fritter (cut into 2), for the recipe pls click here, this time I add a little shrimp to add more flavour.
  • Stir fry vegetables (in Indonesia we called it Cap Cay, basically it was a mixture of Chinese cabbage, Cauliflower, Carrot, Pak Choi, stir fry with dash of  oyster sauce.
  • 2 yellow cherry tomatoes.

I add sweet and sour sauce for my vegetable fritters and use my cute sauce container (the piggy and rabbit) for decoration. Use silicone baran to separate the rice and the fritters and add cute picks on the Veggie fritters.


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