Bento # 15 : Chinese New Year 2012 Dragon Bento

Counting down to Chinese New Year  which only few days away (Jan 23), this year is a Dragon Year.

I promised myself to create something with dragon theme  and finally I manage to come out with something decent for the theme.

At first I was quite indecisive on what to use for the coloring, as I refused to use even food coloring so I am trying to figure out is there any natural ingredients that I can use. My first consideration was try using Denbu (which was introduced by a friend of mine Mrs. YM , the mommy of twins) however I can’t find any at the supermarket (been hopping to few supermarket including the Japanese mart but no luck) and then the color might not be red enough for the dragon, thought it is gonna be funny to end up with pink dragon …LOL

Second consideration was using chilli flakes but then whoever that eat the bento might breath out fire, too hot,  in which actually not a bad idea because it was a very related reaction…Dragon breath out fire.

Last consideration was using ketchup, I might not be able to get the red that I want but orange is close and good enough.

So I stir fry the rice with ketchup and add some seasoning inc the shichimi togarashi to enhance flavour.

The most challenging part was the dragon whisker… at first I try to use cheddar cheese but they are not hard enough to stand still and then I try to use the baby corn but no luck. Then I got the idea to use spaghetti so I boil few spaghetti until soft enough to bend and pan fried them. It was hard to get the curls and I need to hold the spaghetti while frying to maintain  the curls that I want.

Last but not the least, I want to put the Happy CNY but no space so I end up with the 2012 (Don’t have numbers cutter so I modified using the alphabets cutter).

I want my Dragon to look cute not fierce like the common Chinese Dragon, however it turn to be too cute. Personally I do think that my dragon looks a bit more  like Tigger , the friend of Winne the Pooh  rather than a dragon 🙂

Bento #15 - Chinese New Year Dragon Bento

Happy Chinese New Year…


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