Bento # 13 : Pork Teriyaki Onigiri

I saw this cute Onigiri plastic wrapper at Japanese One price store and decided to buy a pack to experiment with it. I hope the wrapper is similar to the one I saw upon trying Onigiri in Tokyo, where the plastic keep the Nori separate from the rice until you ready to eat it. And one just need to pull the wrapper ribbon and voila the wrapper it will automatically open into 2 side and Nori will wrap the rice nicely and ready to eat, fresh and crisp.

At first I have some difficulty to understand the instruction which 100% in Japanese, so with the help of Ms. Ladyrein and her friend Ms. Akame Ueno, I managed to learn the trick and how to.

Below is the result 🙂


I add Pork Teriyaki inside the Onigiri and use  BBQ flavored Nori , they taste really good. It was a simple yet nutritious and  enjoyable lunch.


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