Bento # 12 : Happy Birthday Bento

January is a special month that mark as fresh day and new start of everything according to the calendar.

It is also special because it was the birth month of several special people in my life, and they are  the 7 nice and sweet girls I have known since high school, at college,  work and community.

I remember those days when we meet almost everyday and celebrate the birthday right on the day. Now a day even though we only meet occasionally and only able to greet each other birthday greetings by phone, yet the friendship remains.

Our friendship stands the test of time and show in many different ways, it is  not always an easy thing but yet we manage to hold it strong.

Hereby a Special Birthday Bento as a tribute to the special girls on this special month.

It took few days to plan and draft the Bento , I have the general idea in my mind so I started  listing down all the important things one should have in the special day. And then it hit me that all girls have different character and interest and I want to personalized the bento for each of them.  If I am an expert of course I will make a bento with their personal look/face , but since I am just an amateur I resolved with making their favorite pet, to represent each of them.

So girls, remember the favorite pet polling? Well … now you know the reason behind.

A birthday cake for the Birthday girls.

Sorry girls you have to share the cake, however each of you got your own balloon , they are 6 of them 🙂

A birthday noodle to symbolizes  long long life… Yes you still have to share the noodle but I love you all equally, each of you have your own cheese in heart shape.  And Jelly to add more sweetness in your long lovely life…

Your own favorite pet, I bet you can easily recognize which one is yours 🙂

Fried Chicken and Prawn to represent liveliness, happiness and good fortune



  • Dr. CR
  • Ms. NF
  • Mrs. SS
  • Mrs. SL
  • Mrs. CK
  • Mrs. AM
  • Mrs. CA

Your best years are still ahead of you and Birthdays are good for you, statistics show that people who have the most live the longest!



6 thoughts on “Bento # 12 : Happy Birthday Bento

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous, I can tell you worked really hard.
    I hope your friends can tell too.
    The pictures look so colourful, lively and bright too!

    What are the flowers in with the balloons made from?
    They’re so sweet.

    What cute shapes did you have in the jelly? I can’t see in the pics 🙂

    Have a great day…


    • Hi Pepperbento, thanks for the compliment. For balloons I use green and red grapes and yellow cherry tomatoes and stick them with bento decorative picks. The flowers were made of icing,bought them at baking ingredients store. The jelly are those 3 colorful flower/ round shape fruity things, next to the pasta, they were made of instant konyaku jelly with some fresh fruits inside.

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