Rice Burger

Since I started cooking, minced beef becoming one of the most to stock item in my fridge  they are either for spaghetti Bolognese or Beef burger.  Simple and easy to make and you can’t go wrong with them.

I made beef burger for lunch today and while about to eat my burger with a bowl of rice as always, I remember the Onigiri recipe which can be used to make rice patties. So I stop eating and rush back to the kitchen and make the Rice patties to eat with my burger.

Ingredients : for 1 portion

Steps :

  • Wet your hands with soya sauce and shape rice into round shape, slightly press  to flatten.
  • Fry with a little oil over medium heat, brush the patties with soya sauce on both side and cook for a while until the patties surface is brown.
  • Serve with Beef burger and fried egg, you may add mayonnaise or sprinkle with Shichimi Togarashi , a Japanese seven spice condiment which looks like chilli powder.


Notes : Since I don’t want to eat too much rice which may ruin my diet, I settle with only 1 side of rice patty instead of 2 like the standard rice burger.


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