Fried rice

Today’s recipe is a simple fried rice. I am not sure where is the origin of fried rice as it is kind of universal dish especially in Asia. They are available in Chinese (Chao fan) , Japanese (Cha han), Indonesia (Nasi goreng), Thai (Khao Pad) and  in many other variation. Fried rice is a popular dish and considered as  staple  in Indonesia, you can basically find them anywhere in the 33 province/state of Indonesia , be it at street side , small stall, foodcourt, traditional restaurant, modern cafe, up to hi-end restaurant. And Indonesian consume fried rice as breakfast, lunch or dinner and  even supper 🙂

I remember growing up to have fried rice for late night supper or emergency food when my mum was not in the mood to make elaborate dishes. She will just stir and fry any ingredient she can find in the fridge and sometimes even just egg to make a fried rice (not that me and my brothers are complaining though).

Today I don’t feel to cook anything complicated so I remember my mum’s method, check my fridge, found the rice from yesterday and some other bento ingredients so I decided to make fried rice.

By the way  do you know that fried taste the best when you use the leftover  or the previous day  cooked rice ? It was due to the changes of the rice texture , by then the rice will be a bit drier compare to  if you use a fresh just cooked rice, the fried rice will tend to be a bit sticky.

Anyway, here is the Ingredients :

  • Cooked rice (if you use overnight refrigerated rice it is okay to cook them as what they are, however if you use frozen rice then need to defrost them first)
  • 1 shallots – sliced thinly
  • 1 garlic – chopped
  • Carrot – sliced thinly
  • Kani stick – slice into smaller size
  • 2 string pea – sliced thinly
  • 1 chilli – sliced thinly
  • spring onion – sliced thinly
  • Egg

Steps :

  1. Stir the shallots with 1 table spoon oil over medium heat until translucent, add the garlic.
  2. Once garlic started to change color, add the carrot, pea and kani stick, stir fry until fragrance.
  3. Stir in rice and lastly the egg (some people like to cook the egg in the beginning while me like to put in for last finishing so the egg while blend well with rice.
  4. Add soya sauce and pepper , chopped spring onion and stir until all ingredients mix well and egg looks cooked.
  5. Remove from heat.



4 thoughts on “Fried rice

    • Hi, thanks for asking, it reminded me that glossary page need to be updated.
      Kani Stick : is a common name used in Japan for Crab stick (imitation crab meat or seafood stick) , made of finely white fish and coloured red or yellowish red on the outside and shaped to resemble crab leg meat.

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