Bento # 09 : Rainy day Bento

I did not plan to make any Bento today but due to the rain cats and dogs this afternoon, I somehow inspired to make Bento with rainy day theme.

And since I also have a fried rice, I decide to make use of the fried rice as the main ingredient for my bento.

What’s in the box :

  • Fried rice
  • Nori
  • Egg white for the clouds and the rain drops

For the side dish :

  • Chicken wings – middle part (seasoned with soya sauce & 1 tea spoon sweet and sour plum powder)
  • Egg yolk -> to make a roll
  • Lettuces
  • Cucumber
  • Baby tomatoes

Notes :

Today bento experience was kind of interesting and I learn few new facts

  • Never place  crisp Nori over a warm rice or anything, it get soggy easily from the heat.
  • Always put anything on Nori the last because they can  get stained easily from the color from Nori (they can soak the Nori too), I thought I would do the most difficult part first which is the clouds and rain drops and I noted many of my rain drops changed colors from white to brownish/greyish once I finish frying my chicken wings, due to the egg white absorb the color from Nori and I have to redo the rain drops again.  Same observation found when I place cheese on top of Nori, though cheese is more stain proof than egg white.
  • Working with egg is much more difficult than I imagine, on top of  having to ensure they cooked at the precise time to get the coloring, they are quite difficult to shape due to its soft texture (I fry the egg white in non sticky pan over very low heat to ensure them cooked but not overcooked, probably next time I will try the steam version, might give me a better firmer texture)

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