Kopitiam style breakfast

Following earlier posting whether I will still have breakfast a few hours later, the answer is yes. I wake up and inspired to have a Kopitiam style breakfast.

Kopitiam is a traditional shop which served breakfast and drinks.It is combination of Malay word for coffee and the Chinese Hokkien dialect word for shop,
For the past decade the kopitiam name or style had been adapted and modernized and re-launch in a new look  in  many modern malls.

The typical menu of Kopitiam : a variety of foods based on Toast with the options of fillings : kaya  (which is a spread made from eggs, coconut milk and sugar), butter sugar, peanut butter, Malacca sugar, Half / Hard Boiled eggs .

The drinks will be  Black Coffee, Milk Coffee,  Tea ,Milk Tea,  Teh Tarik (Milk tea where the tea is poured back and forth repeatedly between two vessels from a height, giving it a thick frothy top), Milo ( a malt chocolate drink) and Barley.

This is how kaya looks like (I use the ready made that I bought from bakery)

My menu set consists of :

1 kaya butter toast + 2 soft boiled egss + Milk Coffee (Black coffee with condensed milk)




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