,Thai pandan chicken (aka Gai haaw bai dteuy)

I remember the first time when I experiment on this dish after tasting them at Thai restaurant in my city, it was many many years  ago when I was still at college. And then after that I took the short cut to just eat them at Thai restaurant instead of making effort to cook one.

The idea to post this recipe was due to I accidentally have excess ingredients of pandan leaves (fresh pandan leaves can be easily found in my country and my mum used to have a pot of pandan plant at her garden, so anytime she need to use them, she just cut few leaves)

I bought some pandan leaves for making desserts and only use half of them. Upon thinking of what should I do withe the pandan leaves, I go through my old recipe books and found this long forgotten recipe.

Nevertheless… here I am…

Ingredients :

Sauce :

  • 1 tea spoon roasted white sesame seed
  • 4 table spoon water
  • 2 table spoon soya sauce
  • 2 table spoon palm sugar

Steps (chicken) :

  1. Cut chicken in dice and place chicken in large mixing bowl, add garlic, fish sauce, crushed coriander, sesame oil, pepper, palm sugar.
  2. Mix well and let the chicken marinated in the sauce for at least 3 hours
  3. Take 1 pandan leave, make sure the non shiny side up, fold the pandan leave buttom end up and over , fold the top end down and through and pull to make tight .
  4. Flip over pick up the top end, bring through top layer and pull tight, panda wrapper ready for filling.
  5. Flip over and look for an opening and stuff 1 – 2 pieces of marinated chicken (depending on the size of your chicken and width of your pandan leaves)  into pandan pocket.
  6. Repeat step 5 until all chicken are wrapped.
  7. Heat vegetable oil on large frying pan and deep fried the wrapped chicken until golden brown.
  8. Serve with the sauce and steam rice and unwrapped the pandan leaves only upon eating.

Steps : Sauce
Mix all ingredients and top with sesame seed





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