Caramelized sweet potato

I ate this caramelized sweet potato when I was at Taipei few years ago.

It was served as dessert in local Chinese restaurant. Upon experience it I ask around to see if anyone know the recipe and all I was told that the only ingredients needed is sugar for the caramel.

Never make caramel before but upon watching Master Chef show, I started to get an idea on how to.

So here we are…


Ingredients :

Few sweet potatoes ( I am using 2 types to test which give better result)

Vegetable /Canola Oil


Sesame seed (optional)

Steps :

1. Peel and cut sweet potato into thin strips/sticks or into chunk of 1/2 cm width to ensure we can get the crunchiness upon frying.

2. Heat oil in frying pan and fry sweet potatoes until they turn golden brown and crunchy.

3. Set aside, remove excess oil on paper towel.

4. Heat sauce pan on low temperature , add 1 table spoon on oil and spread the oil by moving the pan.

5. Sprinkle 4 table spoon of sugar over the oil.

6. Keep moving the pan until sugar started to caramelized

7. Add the fried sweet potatoes on the caramel sauce while it is still hot, mix well.

8. Set aside, sprinkle with roasted sesame seed and serve while still hot.

Notes :
I am using 2 types of sweet potatoes , the cream color is the local Indonesia sweet potato called Ubi Cileumbu (aka honey sweet potato) and the purple color is Japanese mini sweet potato.

Both turn out to be good taste and suitable for this recipe.

For you who  like crunchiness and prefer the sweet potatoes as snacks I recommend to try  the stick cutting type .


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