Indonesian Potato fritters (aka perkedel)

Ingredients : (for 8 pieces)

3 mediums size potatoes

50 gr minced beef

few shallots

a bunch of chopped celery

1 egg ( separate the white and yolk)

1/2 tea spoon nutmeg powder

salt and pepper

chilli  powder (optional)

Cooking oil for frying

Steps :

1) Peel and cut Potatoes into 1 cm thickness , deep fry till golden color, set aside and mashed them till soft.

2) Slice shallots into thin slices and deep fry till golden color

3) Heat 1 teaspoon of butter over medium heat pan, cooked the minced beef until it change the color, add nutmeg powder.

4) Add minced beef, mashed potato , deep fried shallots and celery into a bowl, add egg yolk, salt, pepper ,and chilli, mix well

5) Shaped the potato into round shape or any shape up to your liking.

6) Roll the potato into egg white before deep fry them until golden color.


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