Japanese hamburger

Having heard about hambagaa in Japanese dorama , I started to get curios on the differences of Japanese hamburger vs the Western hamburger . Therefore I decided to seek it out, and one day when I went to Japanese minimart and on the cooked food section I spotted the famous hambagaa (I guess the naming was the localization from hamburger in english) , so I decided to buy 2 pieces of them.

It was really delicious… the tender meat with sweet teriyaki sauce over warm white  rice.

Ingredients :

Patties :

300 gr ground beef (preferable those with some fat  so the hamburger will not be too dry)

100 gr ground pork

1 onion, finely chopped

1 cup Bread crumbs

5 tablespoon milk

1 egg

1 teas spoon salt

1 tea spoon pepper

1 tea spoon nutmeg powder

2 table spoon butter

Steps :

1)   Saute onions with little oil till golden and soft, set aside to cool

2)   Moisten the breadcrumbs with milk

3)   Combine the meat, cooked onions, moistened breadcrumbs, egg, salt, pepper and nutmeg until mixture become sticky.

4)   Divide into  4 portions ,form the mixture into patties.

5)   You can moisten your hand with little oil to ease the shaping and to avoid mixture sticking on your fingers.

6)   Press the middle of the patty with your thumb, to ensure the middle gets cooked evenly.

7)   Heat butter in frying pan over medium heat, put in patties and reduce heat to low temp and cover the frying pan and let the patties cooked. When the color turns brown, turn the patties over and cooked again.

8)   You can poke the patties with bamboo skewer to test, if skewer come out clean, means the inside is already well cooked.

Sauce :

5 table spoon teriyaki sauce

3 table spoon tonkatsu sauce or sweet plum sauce

1 table spoon water/sake/red wine

1 table spoon sugar

A little of corn  starch flour to thicken the sauce

Steps :

Mix tonkatsu sauce, teriyaki sauce, sugar on the sauce pan over low heat until sugar dissolve.

Pour the corn starch a little by little to thicken the sauce.

Pour sauce on top of hamburger.

Serve hamburger with steam rice or potatoes and salad.


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