Sushi vs Dancing pompokolin

It’s a lovely day and the start of the long holidays in my country.

A friend of mine tell me about this “Dancing Pompokolin” song by Captain Jack and upon hearing it I immediately fall in love with it. It is very entertaining, energizing.

It is a perfect song to start your morning with…or when you are in the midst of doing chores… you will not be able to resist the urge to shake and move your body to match the rhythm.

So when I am figuring out what to cook today…I was inspired and the food that pop out in mind is : Sushi….

I think it will be a great combination… making sushi and do some happy exercise accompanied by “Dancing Pompokolin” and I can already imagining many pieces of sushi dancing with the music (just like those in the manga or anime) LOL….. 😀

Basic Sushi rice Ingredients :

2 cup of Rice (preferable the short grain Rice) -> cook in rice cooker

Rice seasoning : 1/4 cup of vinegar + 2 table spoon of sugar + 1/2 table spoon of salt -> mix and slightly heat till sugar and salt dissolved.

Notes :

– You can also buy the ready made Mizkan Sushi Shu ( sushi vinegar ) at the supermarket

Steps to make basic sushi rice :

1) Cook rice with rice cooker.

2) When rice is done, move them into a large container for  cooling (if you have those Japanese wooden sushi bowl it will be great) and since I don’t have the wooden bowl, I juts spread them on a baking tray.

3) Add the rice seasoning little by little and mix with wooden spoon.

4) Once rice is mixed with seasoning…let it for cooling.

5) Sushi rice is ready for making

Now let’s start with the basic sushi rolls making….

Sushi Ingredients :


Nori (aka seaweed)


Kani stick (instant crab stick)


Shoyu (Japanese soya sauce)

Notes :

– The sushi ingredients is up to your liking, you can add prawn, avocade and any others to create the your own sushi rolls

Steps to make sushi rolls :

1) Cut the sushi ingredients, if your salmon come with the skin, you may want to remove them (you can separate and deep fried them at later part to make a salmon skin fried, it is delicious)

2) Cut the salmon into shapes, for your nigiri sushi (to put them on top of the rice) or rolls ( to be inserted in the middle of the rice), and I apologize that the picture only show on the steps on salmon , you can just easily follow same steps for the kani stick or other ingredients.

3) Place a piece of seaweed on bamboo map and them spread rice on top of it. The amount of the rice will determine the size of your roll, more rice will make the roll become bigger.

4) Place salmon and cucumber (optional) on top of the rice

5) Start to roll from the edge of the bamboo (Sorry , since I am making this on my own, I do not have anyone to help taking pic of me rolling the sushi roll)

6) The rolled sushi will looks like this ( pic below), I also add the pics of salmon nigiri sushi and since I am not good with the hand shaping I cheated using the plastic nigiri sushi molding 🙂

7) Cut the sushi rolls into slices

8) Sushi roll is ready to serves with wasabi and soy sauce

9) Happy eating…..

Tips :

I found this plastic molding at the department store and it is quite convenient to use for nigiri sushi type making, also substitute for the bamboo roll.


One thought on “Sushi vs Dancing pompokolin

  1. Yes i’m the lucky one who won the golden ticket to taste these ‘dancing sushi’ 🙂
    Love it love it love it….that pretty much says all i guess.

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