Potato Salad Croquette

As the fans of Japanese manga and anime… I always read and hear a lot about Japanese style croquette…

And upon my trip to Japan in 2010 while waiting for the train from Tokyo to Osaka, I spotted the croquette stalls in one of the train station (I forgot which station).

Remembering that one should have at least bento box and snack when taking journey with shinkansen (bullet train) , I hurriedly went to the stalls and bought 2 pieces (the basic croquette and something with shrimp) . They were freshly fried and warm, with the brown sauce…taste really good.

In my country, we do have a croquette too but it is a bit different from the Japanese style, probably due to the types of the breadcrumbs and the spices. I will share more about  it in separate post.

In this post, I would like to share the experience of making potato salad croquette from my left overs salad (which I cook yesterday).

Ingredients :

– Potato salad (Click here for the previous Japanese potato salad recipe)

– Flour

– Breadcrumbs

– Eggs (beaten)

Steps :

1) Shape the potato salad into oval shape (or any shape to your liking)

2) Cover the shaped salad with flour, dip into beaten eggs

3) Roll on the breadcrumbs

4) Deep fry until the color turn gold and crispy

5) Drain excess oil on paper towels

6) Serve with chili sauce or tonkatsu sauce (brown sauce that you can buy at the supermarket)


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