Do you know how to cook?

If someone ask me , can you cook? I will have to pause for a second before answering and my answer will always be “I think I know how to cook, since my mum is a great cook in the family”.  It was a confidence that I kept for many years that I supposedly know how to cook, thinking that watching my mum in action in her kitchen eventually will equip me with some basic theory and how to.

And only after I live on my own, I just realized that cooking was not as easy as what I always thought. I mean in some part is looks simple, but then it takes a lot of many other things such as  basic knowledge of the right ingredients , right measurements, right utensils, and many others. And sometimes even following the  recipes might not turn up with the expected results.

My cooking experience all this time is full with lots “beginner luck” and “trial and error”.

And the easiest way out for me when it comes to daily meals will always be dine out or delivery order. In a way it is easier, cheaper and guaranteed to be edible 🙂

Nevertheless from time to time, I like to spend my time at my kitchen corner and try to challenge myself to see if I can come with something good.

And hopefully along the time, I would like to  challenge myself to see if I can successfully cook my mum’s special homemade food.

Anyway…let’s start with some simple dishes  from my personal liking and favorite things to eat.

I hope anyone who read this , will be inspired to try, cook and enjoy it.


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